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Bains evian france gay les

A high-market holiday resort and spa town on the shores of Lake Geneva French: The springs of France were still rather unknown at the time of the French Revolution.

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But the First Empire's interest for spa towns les a scientist to analyse the Evian springs in and A lakeside port and a new road RN5 connecting the town to Milan and Paris were constructed in In gay, Genevan entrepreneur M. Three other springs joined the Cachat Bains, Bonnevie, Corporau. Improvement in transportation a railroad station helped make the town a more famous spa.

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In the late 19th century, the city contained more than 20 hotels. The hills and the lakeshore were covered with noble houses evian luxurious villas and a theatre and a casino were built on the lakeside. There is also a very busy ferry service running nudist boat cruise photos the town and Lausanneas well as a more tourist-centered service that runs to Yvoire.