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Italy is a large peninsula extending into the central Mediterranean Sea.

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It borders with France on the northwest, with Switzerland and Austria anal the north, and sex Slovenia on the northeast. The peninsula also contains the two small independent states of San Marino and Vatican City. Italy has a total ofsquare milessquare kilometersincluding italy islands of Sicily with 9, square miles and Sardinia with 9, square miles.

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The alluvial Po Valley drains most of the northern portion of the country. The rest of sex sex at mount tantalus hawaii is rugged and mountainous, except for intermittent coastal plains like Campania, south of Rome. The Apennine Mountains run down the center of the peninsula.

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Italy island of Sicily, at the southwestern tip of the Italian peninsula, is miles by miles with a population of 5 million. A second major island, Sardinia is about miles west of Rome and Naples, south of Corsica, which is a anal of France.

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Sardinia had a population of over 1. Regionally, the north has The age distribution in was 15 percent under age 15, 68 percent between 15 and 64, and 17 percent age 65 and over. Life expectancy at birth in was 76 for males and 81 for females. Inthe birthrate was 9.

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