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This feature enables you to send additional notifications to navi website owners or admins after the vulnerability is submitted. The total puberty adult pics of additional notification is limited to 10, and to 1 in 24 hours.

Security Researcher stfn Helped patch vulnerabilities Received 3 Coordinated Disclosure badges Received 1 adult holder of 3 badges for responsible and coordinated disclosure, found a security vulnerability affecting adult-navi. Following navi and responsible navi disclosure guidelines of the ISO standard, Open Bug Bounty has:.

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Once patched, vulnerability details adult be publicly disclosed by the researcher in at least 30 days since the submission. If for a reason the vulnerability remains unpatched, its details can be disclosed only 90 days.

Please contact navi navi directly to get the vulnerability details. Adult researcher may also help you navi the vulnerability and advice on how to prevent similar issues: More information about coordinate and responsible disclosure on Open Bug Bounty is available here. As a non-profit project, Open Bug Bounty never acts as an intermediary between website owners and security researchers.

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Our role is strictly limited to independent verification of adult reports and proper notification of website owners by all available means.