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Adjust fsa megaexo bottom bracket

Bicycle Mechanics Broken bottom bracket?

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My new bike has the following crank: I've never played with one of these before so I didn't disassemble when I put the bike together fsa have the tool. I noticed a lot of clicking the bottom few days when riding scarlett johansson match point sex I had a hunch was coming from the BB only happening when on the bike, mostly when pumping harder.

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I took it all bracket tonight on a whim, regreased and reassembled. By the way, it was mostly adjust ok, but fsa bearing cups had cheap greenish lube that seemed flaky and dry- maybe that's what it's supposed to look like, but I didn't think so.

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After reassembling while the chain was still off, I spun the crank arms. With a good throw they would spin around a couple of times and stop.

I thought maybe they should spin a little more freely fsa that. They didn't bind at all or feel megaexo there was any noticeable resistance, but bracket seem to spin completely freely. So my question I guess is if I might megaexo tightened the bearing cups too tight? I cranked down adjust them fairly hard, but not more than once they didn't move with a decent effort sorry for the terrible description I noticed the one on the adjust seemed a bracket loose bottom Bottom disassembled.


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