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Natural blonde pussy hair

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Not creepy at all. I have been hair to a Danish-American girl with straight, pale blonde hair. Her pubes were just slightly coarser and darker, with a hint of red and a very loose wave.

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She did not trim there but it was naturally finely edged with no "rough" above it or on her thighs. She did not shave under her arms either and amateur cock sucking videos had about a 1" growth.

What I have seen generally is pubes tend to natural a little darker. I'm natural blonde and have blonde pubic hair yes. It's a little less bright than my hair though.

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Pubic hair is most of blonde times darker than normal hair, because it's not sun-bleached. It deoends on the person. If a girl has blonde hair but brown eyebrows then she probably has brown or black pubic pussy.

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